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A 342-nm ultraviolet AlGaN multiple-quantum-well laser diode


The realization of semiconductor laser diodes and light-emitting diodes that emit short-wavelength ultraviolet light is of considerable interest for a number of applications including chemical/biochemical analysis, high-density data storage and material processing. Group III nitride materials are one of the most promising candidates for fabricating such devices. Here we describe an AlGaN multiple-quantum-well laser diode that emits light at 342 nm, the shortest wavelength ever reported for an electrically driven laser diode. To fabricate the laser, a low-dislocation-density AlGaN layer with an AlN mole fraction of 0.3 was grown on a sapphire substrate using a hetero facet-controlled epitaxial lateral overgrowth (hetero-FACELO) method1,2,3. An AlGaN multiple-quantum-well structure was then grown on the high-quality AlGaN layer. Lasing at a wavelength of 342.3 nm was observed under pulsed current mode at room temperature.

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Figure 1: AlGaN MQW UV laser diode.
Figure 2: Room-temperature emission spectra.
Figure 3: Polarized emission spectra.
Figure 4: Light output power and electrical characteristics.
Figure 5: Wide band spectrum.


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The authors would like to acknowledge Hiroshi Amano of Meijo University for his valuable discussions and Masamichi Yamanishi of Hamamatsu Photonics for his helpful comments.

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