Figure 3 : FLV-MoS2 disinfection performance.

From: Rapid water disinfection using vertically aligned MoS2 nanofilms and visible light

Figure 3

a, Comparison of the disinfection performances of FLV-MoS2 with both light control without FLV-MoS2 and FLV-MoS2 in the dark to confirm the visible-light photocatalytic effect. b, Disinfection performances of FLV-MoS2 compared with those of horizontal nano-MoS2 and bulk MoS2. c, Spectra of illuminating light sources, solar simulator with a UVF and solar simulator with a red-pass filter. d, Disinfection performances using different light sources, the solar simulator with a UVF and the solar simulator with a red-pass filter. e, Raman spectra of FLV-MoS2 and TiO2 films. f, Comparison of disinfection performance between FLV-MoS2 and TiO2 films under both visible-light and real-sunlight illumination. In the disinfection performances, the error bars represent the s.d. of three replicate measurements and the data point with a grey circle means no live bacteria were detected. a.u., arbitrary units.