Figure 2 : FLV-MoS2 morphology and band-structure characterization.

From: Rapid water disinfection using vertically aligned MoS2 nanofilms and visible light

Figure 2

a, TEM image (top view) of FLV-MoS2 shows the as-grown vertically standing layers. b, Absorption spectrum of 40 nm FLV-MoS2. c, Photograph of the FLV-MoS2 film patterned with the Au line for the scanning Kelvin probe measurement. d, Line-scan data show the Fermi level (EF) of FLV-MoS2 at each position on the white line in c. e, Mapping of the FLV-MoS2 film shows the Fermi level of each point on the film. f, The band position of FLV-MoS2 with respect to the ROS formation potential and the bulk MoS2 band position. CB, conduction band.