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Nanomaterials in art conservation


Tackling the degradation of cultural heritage requires a global effort. We call on all material scientists to develop new nanomaterials and methods for the preservation of artwork.

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Figure 1: Removal of aged acrylic coatings from the wall paintings of the San Salvador church sacristy in Venice, Italy.
Figure 2: Removal of aged varnish from an eighteenth-century canvas painting.
Figure 3: Maya wall paintings in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage site of Calakmul, Mexico.


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CSGI and the European Union (NANOFORART project FP7-ENV-NMP-2011/282816; are gratefully acknowledged for financial support. L. Dei, D. Berti, E. Fratini and R. GIorgi are gratefully acknowledged for their collaboration and discussions.

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