Correction: Neurite growth inhibitors restrict plasticity and functional recovery following corticospinal tract lesions

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Nature Neurosci. 1, 124– 131 (1998).

We reported in the June 1998 issue of Nature Neuroscience that the monoclonal antibody IN-1 promotes collateral sprouting in the rat spinal cord, red nucleus and pons following a lesion to the corticospinal tract. This sprouting was accompanied by functional recovery. We also published a paper in the 15 June 1998 issue of Journal of Neuroscience ( Vol. 18: 4744–4757), which described experiments that were performed in parallel in our laboratory and reached similar conclusions; specifically, whereas the Nature Neurosci. paper concentrated on spinal effects, the J. Neurosci. paper employed identical lesions and antibody treatments, and described in detail sprouting in red nucleus and pons as well as functional recovery. Although the datasets are largely unique to each paper, the experimental design and results were very similar. Moreover, some of the data presented in the two papers are also identical (Fig. 5b of the Nature Neurosci. paper and Fig. 4a of the J. Neurosci. paper), while other data represent different time points from the same animals (Fig. 6b of the Nature Neurosci. paper and Fig. 6a of the J. Neurosci. paper).

We greatly regret that neither of these papers cites the other, and that we failed to inform the editors of either Nature Neuroscience or Journal of Neuroscience of the existence of another closely related paper that was under consideration elsewhere. We also regret that an important result presented in the J. Neurosci. paper (the effect of a second lesion rostral to the first) was mistakenly described in the Nature Neurosci. paper as "W.J.Z., in preparation" while it was already in press at Journal of Neuroscience.

We apologize to the editors, referees and readers of both Nature Neuroscience and Journal of Neuroscience for these errors, and for any confusion which we may have caused.

A similar correction has been submitted to Journal of Neuroscience.

Martin E. Schwab, Michaela Thallmair, Werner Z'Graggen and Gerlinde Metz.

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