Nat. Neurosci. 8, 426–434 (2005).

(a) Three ΔF/F transients and evoked EPSCs (Ipost), from three experiments (thin traces, thick traces and dotted traces, respectively). Arrow indicates time of UV pulse. To reduce postsynaptic receptor desensitization, cyclothiazide (CTZ) was added to the bath, which prolongs the rise time of EPSCs. The [Ca2+] transient did not evoke measurable presynaptic currents (Ipre). Electrical artifact in Ipost removed for clarity. (b) Same traces as in a, with EPSCs normalized to their peak amplitude. (c) Two ΔF/F transients of different amplitude and evoked EPSCs, from two different cell pairs.

In the published version of this article, the labels were missing from the scale bars in Figure 2a. Panels a-c are reproduced correctly below.