Supplementary Figure 9 : Distinct localization and functionality of labeled neurons in VM, RE, and RH between the ‘a’ and ‘mvp’ clonal clusters.

From: Ontogenetic establishment of order-specific nuclear organization in the mammalian thalamus

Supplementary Figure 9

(a) Percentage of labeled neurons in the ‘a’ (left) and ‘mvp’ (right) clonal clusters that are located in the anterior or posterior half of VM, RE and RH. Note that labeled neurons in the ‘a’ clonal cluster are predominantly located in the anterior part, whereas those in the ‘mvp’ cluster are mostly located in the posterior part. (b) Distinct functionality of labeled neurons in the ‘a’ (top) and ‘mvp’ (bottom) clonal clusters located in VM, RE, and RH. Representative ‘a’ and ‘mvp’ cluster clones with corresponding ABA sections with nuclear boundaries are shown to the left. Asterisks indicate labeled neurons located in VM (black area), RE (dark gray area) and RH (light gray area). Gray lines indicate the contours of the thalamic sections where the labeled clones are located and black lines indicate the sections where labeled VM/RE/RH neurons are located. The corresponding cortical projection-based voxel maps of the same regions are shown to the right. Note that the anterior part of VM, RE, and RH predominantly contribute to higher order cognitive functions, whereas the posterior part of VM, RE, and RH mostly contribute to sensory/motor-related activities. TC, thalamocortical.