Supplementary Figure 2 : Cre recombinase–dependent retroviral labeling of thalamic clones.

From: Ontogenetic establishment of order-specific nuclear organization in the mammalian thalamus

Supplementary Figure 2

(a) Confocal image of a P21 Olig3-Cre;Ai9-tdTomato brain stained for tdTomato (red) and with DAPI (blue). Note the specific expression of tdTomato in the thalamus and thalamocortical projections. Scale bar: 500 μm. (b) Confocal image of an E15 Olig3-Cre brain injected with low titer Cre recombinase-dependent retrovirus expressing EGFP at E11 and stained for EGFP (green) and with DAPI (blue). Note two radial clonal clusters in the developing thalamus (broken line). High magnification image of a clone (boxed area) is shown at the bottom. The arrow indicates the bipolar radial glial progenitor and arrowheads indicate the progeny that are radially arrayed along the radial glial fiber (open arrowheads). Another labeled clonal cluster is located ventrally. Scale bars: 200 μm and 50 μm. TC, thalamocortical.