Supplementary Figure 2 : Quantification of VMHvl population response heterogeneity.

From: Hypothalamic control of male aggression-seeking behavior

Supplementary Figure 2

(a) Representative waveforms (top) and sorted spikes (bottom) for single units (blue, green) are separable from multi-unit noise (yellow) using PCA analysis of spike waveform shape. Shown are 2 units of 169 total single units. (b) Representative histology for electrode implanted in the VMHvl. Blue: DAPI. Scale bar: 250 μm. (c) Unbiased clustering of neural activity from population activity matrix (Fig. 2g) shows separation between neurons modulated during the poke, wait, and interaction phases. Ward’s method, n = 169 neurons. PETH plots show mean normalized activity ± s.e.m. of neurons contained within the four primary clusters.