Supplementary Figure 9 : Optogenetic stimulation of VMHvl increases breakpoint using a progressive-ratio reinforcement schedule.

From: Hypothalamic control of male aggression-seeking behavior

Supplementary Figure 9

(a) Testing and training steps for breakpoint stimulation experiments. Animals were trained and tested using a PR2 schedule. (b) Example histology showing ChR2-EYFP bilateral expression in the VMHvl that was sufficient to evoke attack on either side (step 3, a). Scale bar indicates 250 μm. (c) Animals were retrained on the SIA task (step 4) to insure sufficient poke rates for PR testing (N = 6 animals). Learning curves show mean ± s.e.m. for social (blue) and null (red) ports. (d) Behavior during breakpoint training (8 days, N = 5 animals). (e) Example behavior showing cumulative nosepoke number during sham (black) and stim (blue) testing of the PR2 breakpoint assay. (f) Optogenetic stimulation of VMHvl increased breakpoint across animals (t(5) = -2.803, *p = 0.038, N = 6 sites in 5 animals with functional injection sites, paired t-test). Lines have been spaced for clarity. Dotted and solid lines of the same color represent sites from the same animal.