Supplementary Figure 8 : Control data for optogenetic stimulation of VMHvl neurons.

From: Hypothalamic control of male aggression-seeking behavior

Supplementary Figure 8

(a) Animals were screened for functional injection sites by testing for stimulation-evoked attack of a castrated male. (b) An example session showing stimulation-induced behavioral changes from a functional site. (c) Accumulated probability of attack after stimulation onset for functional sites (left). Percent of “successful” trials where stimulation evoked attack (right). N = 7 sites. (d) Example of stimulation-evoked behavior from a non-functional injection site. (e) Stimulation during the SIA task of the same non-functional site as in (d). (f) No significant difference in mean poke latency between sham and real stimulation in non-functional sites (t(10) = -1.764, p = 0.102, paired t-test, N = 11 sites in 9 animals). (g) Heat map showing behavior during real time place preference (RTPP) of a representative animal. Light was delivered whenever the animal entered the right side of the chamber. (h) Stimulation did not significantly bias the animal towards or away from the stimulation paired chamber (F2, 7=1.05, p = 0.3752, single factor, repeated measures ANOVA, N = 8 animals). c, f show mean ± s.e.m.