Supplementary Figure 6 : Control data for pharmacogenetic inactivation experiments.

From: Hypothalamic control of male aggression-seeking behavior

Supplementary Figure 6

(a) Total number of DREADDi infected neurons shown for each animal, with colors coded as in Fig. 5d and f-g. Inset shows the number of neurons inside the VMHvl (color) compared with the number of neurons outside the VMHvl border (white) for each animal. (b-c) Inactivation of the VMHvl does not cause changes in the interpoke interval movement velocity (b, F3,15 = 1.75, p = 0.200) or on ability to run on a rotarod (c, F3,15 = 0.74, p = 0.546, one way repeated measures ANOVA). Dot represents an animal that was bitten on the foot by the intruder during CNO inactivation, and rotarod trial was aborted early. Lines were spaced for clarity. (d-f) Inactivation using muscimol also decreased poke rate for the social port (e, F4,20 = 4.10, *p = 0.014) but not the null port (f, F4,20 = 2.22, p = 0.104, one way repeated measures ANOVA) on test days relative to saline-injected control days (N = 6 animals).