Supplementary Figure 12 : mQTLs identified using imputed genetic data reflected the non-imputed dataset in terms of genomic distribution and observed effect sizes.

From: Methylation QTLs in the developing brain and their enrichment in schizophrenia risk loci

Supplementary Figure 12

A) The genomic distribution of all imputed mQTLs in fetal brain, where the position on the x-axis indicates the location of Illumina 450K HumanMethylation array probes and the position on the y-axis indicates the location of all imputed SNPs. The color of the point corresponds to the difference in DNA methylation per allele, with the largest effects plotted in dark red. A clear positive diagonal can be observed demonstrating that the majority of mQTLs in fetal brain are associated with genotype in cis, reflecting the distribution shown in Fig. 1a. B) The distribution of effect sizes across all imputed fetal brain mQTLs. The distribution is similar to that for the non-imputed dataset (Supplementary Fig. 1).