Supplementary Figure 2 : Quantitative evaluation of the quality of STORM imaging in brain sections

From: Cell-specific STORM super-resolution imaging reveals nanoscale organization of cannabinoid signaling

Supplementary Figure 2

(a-c) Localization precision displayed only a modest variation (1 nm or 5 nm at x-y or z directions, respectively) as a function of axial position ie. at different z distances from the focal plane. Clusters resulting from the multiple blinking of isolated fluorophores in the STORM images of CB1-immunostaining were identified, and the distribution of the distances of individual localization points from the center of mass of the clusters was plotted. (d) Histogram shows the distribution of the number of detected photons per localization point (n = 1341 LP) above the peak detection threshold in STORM images of 40000 cycles taken from CB1-immunostaining in hippocampal sections at 5 μm depth.