Supplementary Figure 1 : Expression of Fmrp in early cortical development.

From: FMRP regulates multipolar to bipolar transition affecting neuronal migration and cortical circuitry

Supplementary Figure 1

a) Representative western blot showing Fmrp expression during two developmental stages (E14 and E17) in WT and Fmr1−/− embryonic somatosensory cortex. Ribosomal protein S6 (rpS6) was used as loading control b) Confocal images showing the distribution of WT and Fmr1−/− neuronal cells, upon IUE with the pCAG-EGFP plasmid at E14.5, in mouse cortices at P0. EGFP fluorescence (green) and DAPI staining (blue). Right histogram shows the frequency distribution and quantification of EGFP positive cells in ten equal bins (VZ 1 to CP 10) in WT (n = 6), Fmr1−/− (n = 5), Two-way ANOVA; F (10, 165) = 51.97, Values: mean ± SEM. Scale bars = 50 μm.