Supplementary Figure 6 : Activity-driven calcium events were correlated to action potential firing of individual neurons.

From: FMRP regulates multipolar to bipolar transition affecting neuronal migration and cortical circuitry

Supplementary Figure 6

a) Cell numbers within networks in WT and postnatal (P0-P7) Fmr1−/− brains (values are mean ± SEM; ANOVA: age 0 (P < 0,0001), genotype (p = 0.64), genotype*age interaction (p = 0.504) F(3,88)=8,618, n = 21 pus and 53 slices from WT and n = 21 pups and 44 slices from Fmr1−/− animals) b) Individual events from sample traces during aCSF baseline and following TTX application. Grey bar indicates events in aCSF condition. c) Cell-attached patch recording showing correlated synchronization of events to AP spiking in cell and neighbor. d) Raster plot for corresponding slice showing network activity across all cells for baseline and TTX perfusion in 4 min recording blocks. e) TTX blockage effect on cell activity across the network.