Supplementary Figure 3 : Morphology and positioning of radial glia cells are not affected in Fmr1−/− cortices.

From: FMRP regulates multipolar to bipolar transition affecting neuronal migration and cortical circuitry

Supplementary Figure 3

a) Individual radial glia cells in E15.5 WT and Fmr1−/− embryos were labeled, by IUE, using a BLBP-EGFP (Brain Lipid Binding Protein promoter specific for radial glia cells) construct. Brain sections were analysed at E16.5. Fmr1−/− radial glia cells display normal morphology spanning the entire cortex (green arrow-heads) and have apical (yellow arrow-heads) and basal (red arrow-heads) endfeets as observed in WT. b) Coronal section from E17.5 WT and Fmr1−/− littermates labeled with anti β-catenin (upper panel) and γ-tubulin antibodies (lower panels). Scale bars = 50 μm.