Supplementary Figure 1 : Na+ channel clustering is delayed in AnkG-deficient axons.

From: A hierarchy of ankyrin-spectrin complexes clusters sodium channels at nodes of Ranvier

Supplementary Figure 1

(a) P0 Ank3F/F, Nestin-Cre; Ank3F/+, and Nestin-Cre; Ank3F/F mouse brain cortices stained with antibodies against AnkG (green) and Na+ channels (red). Scale bar, 10 µm. (b) Comparison between Ank3F/F (N=7) and Avil-Cre; Ank3F/F (N= 8) mice using the wire-hang test. All mice successfully stayed on the wire for the 60 second duration of the test. (c) Comparison between Ank3F/F (N=8) and Avil-Cre; Ank3F/F (N=8) mice using the hot-plate assay to test for thermal nociception (p=0.27, unpaired two-tailed t-test, error bars indicate +/– SEM). (d) Representative recordings of compound action potentials from P14 dorsal roots from Ank3F/F and Avil-Cre; Ank3F/F mice. (e) The ratio of the intensity for Na+ channel immunostaining to AnkB immunostaining in Ank3F/F (N=27 nodes) and Avil-Cre; Ank3F/F (N= 36 nodes) dorsal roots at P7. Error bars indicate +/– SEM. (f) Immunostaining of nodes of Ranvier from dorsal roots of P7 Ank3F/F and Avil-Cre; Ank3F/F mice using antibodies against Na+ channels (red) and AnkB (green). Scale bar, 10 µm.