Supplementary Figure 6: Summary of findings. | Nature Neuroscience

Supplementary Figure 6: Summary of findings.

From: Common medial frontal mechanisms of adaptive control in humans and rodents

Supplementary Figure 6

a) After errors, low frequency oscillations in medial frontal cortex are characterized by: 1) increased power, 2) enhanced influence over slowing of responses, 3) robust spike-field coherence of neurons which contain information about the need for control, and 4) phase consistency with low frequency oscillations in motor cortex that influences adjustments in response latency. b) When medial frontal cortex is inactivated, adaptive post-error slowing of responses is specifically diminished, low frequency oscillations are no longer specific to post-error trials and spike-field coupling is changed. However, spikes in motor cortex continue to predict response latency. These findings reveal mechanisms how the medial frontal cortex influences and regulates motor cortex in service of adaptive control.

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