Figure 3 : Mime-seq reproducibly recovers neuronal miRNAs in C. elegans.

From: Cell-type specific sequencing of microRNAs from complex animal tissues

Figure 3

(a) Volcano plots show fold change upon oxidation and associated P values (determined by DESeq2) for each expressed miRNA, obtained from total RNA from L1-stage worms expressing Ath-HEN1 from three independent pan-neuronal drivers. MicroRNAs with validated neuronal expression are indicated in red. (b) Pairwise comparisons of fold change in abundance after oxidation for each expressed mature miRNA in the three independent, pan-neuronal Ath-HEN1 experiments (two biologically independent experiments per driver). Spearman's correlation coefficients and associated P values are shown. (c) Venn diagram showing the overlap of significantly enriched miRNAs in the three pan-neuronal experiments. The number of miRNAs in each section is shown. The number of transcriptional-reporter-validated miRNAs is indicated in parenthesis. (d) Representative DIC and fluorescence images of C. elegans larvae expressing fosmid reporters for two neuronal miRNAs identified by mime-seq. At least ten animals from each of three independent transgenic lines analyzed per reporter. Scale bars, 10 μm.