Supplementary Figure 8 : Minimal cytotoxicity of polyynes in live cells and phototoxicity of SRS lasers

From: Supermultiplexed optical imaging and barcoding with engineered polyynes

Supplementary Figure 8

Live and dead HeLa cell standards are verified with Live/Dead viability kit. All five organelle-targeted polyynes exhibit little cytotoxicity in live cells, as shown by two-color imaging of Calcein-AM (green, live-cell marker) and EthD-1 (magenta, dead-cell marker). Also, Minimal phototoxicity is observed in cells with SRS illumination. After 15 frames of continuous SRS imaging at 2940 cm-1 (protein CH3) using the same laser power and dwell time in multiplexed live-cell imaging, the same region of cells show no observable cell death in the viability assays, compared to surrounding cells without SRS laser exposure. Experiments were repeated twice independently with similar results.