Supplementary Figure 3 : Synergistic regulation of endogenous human genes by dLbCpf1-based activators.

From: Inducible and multiplex gene regulation using CRISPR–Cpf1-based transcription factors

Supplementary Figure 3

Activities of direct dLbCpf1-p65 or dLbCpf1-VPR fusions with three single crRNAs, pooled sets of single crRNAs, and a MST encoding all three crRNAs on the HBB, AR, or NPY1R endogenous gene promoters. Transcripts were measured in HEK293 cells using RT-qPCR with relative mRNA expression calculated by comparison to the control sample in which no crRNA is expressed. Synergistic effects of dLbCpf1-VPR fusions with MST crRNAs or individual pooled crRNAs are all statistically significant (Student t-test, two-tailed test assuming equal variance, p<0.05) except for cases where n.s. (not significant) is indicated.