Supplementary Figure 6 : Combined human and M. tuberculosis spectral library analysis.

From: Statistical control of peptide and protein error rates in large-scale targeted data-independent acquisition analyses

Supplementary Figure 6

a) The peptide-level discriminant score density of human targets, human decoys, M. tuberculosis (Mtb) targets, and Mtb decoys is shown for global analysis of the 229 DIA runs of the SWATH-MS interlaboratory study data set applying the combined human and Mtb spectral library. The Mtb targets and decoys show a similar distribution compared to the human decoys and the fraction of false human targets. The number of cumulatively detected peptides is shown for human targets (b), human decoys (c), Mtb targets (d), and Mtb decoys (e) from the combined human and Mtb spectral library with different error rate control strategies. The Mtb decoy to target ratio is 0.82, explaining the absolute higher number of the accumulated Mtb targets.