Supplementary Figure 6 : Joint analysis of protein and RNA to finely resolve NK cell (CD56bright vs CD56dim) populations that have only subtle transcriptomic differences.

From: Simultaneous epitope and transcriptome measurement in single cells

Supplementary Figure 6

(a) mRNA (blue) and corresponding ADT (green) signal for CD56 and CD16 projected onto the NK cell cluster tSNE plot. Darker shading corresponds to higher levels measured. NK cell cluster was split into CD56bright and CD56dim groups based on CD56 ADT levels. (b) Histogram of CD8a levels in the CD56bright and CD56dim cells. Two-sample Kolmogorov–Smirnov test p-value < 0.001 indicates two different CD8a distributions. Histograms for CD4 and CD45RA, ADTs that show low/absent or high expression in these cells, but no difference between CD56bright and CD56dim populations are shown as controls.