Supplementary Figure 3 : Comparing qualitative and quantitative readout in CITE-seq and flow cytometry.

From: Simultaneous epitope and transcriptome measurement in single cells

Supplementary Figure 3

(a-b) Periperal blood mononuclear cells were processed by flow cytometry and CITE-seq to compare qualitative readout between both technologies. Relevant immune populations were labelled (a) and their abundances relative to the entire population compared (b, see also Fig. 2a,b). (b) Relative abundances of relevant immune cell subsets as determined by flow cytometry and CITE-seq (see Fig. 2a,b; and panel a) (c-e) Relative quantitative comparison of flow cytometry and CITE-seq. (c) Cells were first gated based on forward and side scatter and separated from dead cells. Profile of CD4 and CD8a fluorescence in CBMCs. Colored boxes are gates set to sort different levels of CD8. (d) Re-analysis of cells sorted into CD8a very-high (+++), high (++), intermediate (+) and low (+/-) by flow cytometry. Histograms of CD8a levels (fluorescence intensities) in the four different pools of cells. 2,000 cells were measured for each run. (e) CD8a levels obtained by CITE-seq of the different pools of cells sorted in panel a. Histograms of four CITE-seq runs of the separate pools. 288-522 cells were measured for each run.