Supplementary Figure 6 : Comparison of fucose, lactitol and sucralose response versus single-amino-acid substitutions found after negative selection.

From: Engineering an allosteric transcription factor to respond to new ligands

Supplementary Figure 6

(a) Fucose responsive induction values are shown pink. The induction values show the maximum weighted fold-change of response after positive selection. The black outlines indicate depletion of next-generation sequencing reads for single amino-acid substitutions after negative selection. The depletion value is the log2 fold-change of reads prior to negative selection divided by the read counts after negative selection. Higher depletion values indicate position and side-chain combinations that are lost after negative selection. Read counts were quantile normalized between pre- and post-selection separately for each amplicon (see Online Methods). (b) Lactitol responsive induction values versus depletion values. (c) Sucralose responsive induction values versus depletion values. Negative depletion values are not shown.