Supplementary Figure 4 : Z-Brain analyses of OMR-induced activity patterns showing the activation of anterior-hindbrain GABAergic neurons.

From: Whole-brain activity mapping onto a zebrafish brain atlas

Supplementary Figure 4

Virtual colocalization analysis, comparing the OMR-induced activity in the medial anterior hindbrain (m-aHB) and lateral anterior hindbrain (l-aHB) to the Tg(Gad1b:GFP)32 label. The MAP-Map activity patterns are shown as outlines of the activated areas. (b) Comparison of pERK levels in Gad1B-positive cells in the m-aHB and l-aHB of Tg(Gad1B:GFP) fish, presented with gratings moving to the right. Shown are histograms, revealing significantly increased pERK levels on the right side of the brain (p=4.3x10−25, and p=8.2x10−15 for the m-aHB and l-aHB respectively, Mann-Whitney test, n=8 fish). The inset shows the results for non-GFP labeled cells, which do not show such a strong (although still significant) shift in distribution (p=6.9x10−4, and p=3.6x10−3 for the m-aHB and l-aHB, respectively). Scale bar, 50 μm.