Supplementary Figure 1 : Qualitative analyses of Z-Brain registration accuracy.

From: Whole-brain activity mapping onto a zebrafish brain atlas

Supplementary Figure 1

(a) Images of the post-registration positioning of Hcrt and Qrfp expressing cells in the hypothalamus from 15 different Tg(Hcrt:RFP);Tg(Qrfp:GFP)48 double transgenic fish, and the mean-signal across all fish, highlighting the tight overlap of cell-occupied territories across fish and the differential territories of these adjacent cell types. Images are maximum intensity z-projections over the 21 slices (42um) (b) Examples of the staining patterns of 14 different labels in the tectal neuropil, revealing clear and distinct banding patterns. Images are all from the same x-plane in the Z-Brain. (c) Convergence of multiple markers labeling Mauthner cell (MC) circuitry in the Z-Brain. Reticulospinal backfills and Tg(S1181t:Gal4; uas:Kaede)51 label the Mautner cell soma and axon. Tg(-6.7FRHcrtR:Gal4);Tg(uasKaede)37 and anti-Znp1 label the MC axon cap (AxC), and anti-Glycine receptor labels the surface of the MC. Images are all from the same z-plane in the Z-Brain. Scale bars, 50 μm.