Proteoform: a single term describing protein complexity

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The authors acknowledge the support of the US National Institutes of Health (1R01GM067193 to N.L.K., 1P50HG004952 to L.M.S.) and a grant to N.L.K. from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium, which is supported by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust. This paper is endorsed by the Consortium for Top Down Proteomics, whose members, including ad hoc members (indicated by an asterisk), at the March 2012 meeting were: Michal Linial, David Goodlett, Pat Langridge-Smith, Young Ah Goo, George Safford, Leo Bonilla*, George Kruppa, Roman Zubarev, Jon Rontree, Julia Chamot-Rooke, John Garavelli, Albert Heck, Joseph Loo, Deborah Penque, Martin Hornshaw, Christopher Hendrickson, Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic, Christoph Borchers, Dominic Chan, Nicholas Young*, Jeffrey Agar, Christophe Masselon, Michael Gross*, Fred McLafferty, Yury Tsybin, Ying Ge, Ian Sanders*, James Langridge, Julian Whitelegge* and Alan Marshall.

Author information


  1. Department of Chemistry and Genome Center of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

    • Lloyd M Smith
  2. Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

    • Neil L Kelleher
  3. Department of Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

    • Neil L Kelleher
  4. Chemistry of Life Processes Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

    • Neil L Kelleher


  1. The Consortium for Top Down Proteomics


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Competing interests

The authors declare no competing financial interests.

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Correspondence to Neil L Kelleher.

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