Figure 1: Schematic overview of MTT. | Nature Methods

Figure 1: Schematic overview of MTT.

From: Dynamic multiple-target tracing to probe spatiotemporal cartography of cell membranes

Figure 1

(a) Detailed description of the steps iteratively performed for each frame, with the main input and output parameters. Note that Dmax is the major input parameter directly depending on the given biological system. For a broad range of initial conditions, all other inputs (that is, PFApeak, which directly determines PDpeak, ws, wt and parameters of statistical laws) only have to be set once. After reconnection, orphan peaks are tested using a more stringent PFAorphan before initiating new trajectories. (b) Frame-by-frame process of a full stack, illustrating the specificities concerning frames 1 and 2 (initiation of reconnection) and 1 to wt (building of past statistics). From frame 1 to wt, statistics (mean and variance of peak parameters) are assigned to default typical values, until they can be evaluated, over wt past frames.

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