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The surprising rise of nonthrombogenic valvular surgery

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Figure 1: First (homemade) glutaraldehyde-treated pig valve implanted in human.
Figure 2: First- and second-generation bioprostheses.
Figure 3: A bioprosthesis compressed within a stent can be introduced percutaneously or through the apex of the beating heart.
Figure 4: Valve reconstruction.


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I would like to acknowledge my second family: the members of my research laboratory. As Diaghilev said to Nijinsky, I often tell them, “Surprise me!”, and they do it. I am proud to mention among others the seminal contributions of J.C. Chachques to dynamic cardiomyoplasty, P. Menasché to cell therapy, N. Lila to the study of HLA-G histocompatibility antigen expression in transplanted patients, and E. Martinod, who first showed the surprising metaplasia of an aorta into a true neo-trachea when implanted into the tracheal environment. My final words are to express my deep gratitude to the Lasker Foundation for the honor of being distinguished with such a highly prestigious award that I share with all the members of my laboratory and my department of cardiac surgery.

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