Generation of primary antigen-specific human T- and B-cell responses in immunocompetent SCID-hu mice

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Figure 1: Histological analysis of human Sk-LN grafts of SCID-hu IC mice, 3 months after transplantation.
Figure 2: Histological analysis of human Sk-LN grafts of SCID-hu IC mice after immunization with TT.
Figure 3: Histological analysis of the B-cell populations in the Sk-LN grafts of SCID-hu IC mice after immunization with TT.
Figure 4: Antibody responses in SCID-hu IC mice.
Figure 5: TT-specific proliferation of T-cell lines isolated from the Sk-LN grafts of SCID-hu IC mice immunized with TT.


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We thank I. Lindley, Novartis Research Institute, for critical reading of the manuscript. DNAX Research Institute of Molecular & Cellular Biology is supported by Schering-Plough Corporation.

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