A new human immunodeficiency virus derived from gorillas


We have identified a new human immunodeficiency virus in a Cameroonian woman. It is closely related to gorilla simian immunodeficiency virus (SIVgor) and shows no evidence of recombination with other HIV-1 lineages. This new virus seems to be the prototype of a new HIV-1 lineage that is distinct from HIV-1 groups M, N and O. We propose to designate it HIV-1 group P.

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Figure 1: Evolutionary relationship of strain RBF168 to HIV-1, SIVcpz and SIVgor.

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We thank H. Ichou for field assistance and all the staff of the Rouen Virology Laboratory. Funding was provided by Institut de Veille Sanitaire, Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida et les Hépatites and Rouen University Hospital, France. J.E.D. is supported by a Wellcome Trust studentship.

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J.-C.P., M.L. and F.D.O. conceived of and designed the experiments. M.L., F.D.O. and V.L. performed the molecular and serological experiments. J.E.D. and D.L.R. performed the computational analysis. F.C. managed the subject and collected epidemiological data. J.-C.P., V.L. and F.D. monitored the subject's virologic status. J.-C.P, M.L., J.E.D., F.D.O., D.L.R. and F.S. wrote the paper.

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Correspondence to Jean-Christophe Plantier.

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