The year since I was a Naturejobs Graduate Journal writer was one of the most eventful times of my life. In my last journal entry, I wondered how I could move from research into a 'bigger picture' job, where I could share the excitement of science with a wider audience. As it turned out, my ramblings in Naturejobs had more impact than I imagined. Through my writing, I met people at Nature. Last May, while I was still working in the lab, I received an e-mail encouraging me to apply for a position that had opened up. I jumped at the chance and landed myself a dream job: for nine months I was going to be one of Nature's manuscript editors.

Juggling both thesis and job is not for the faint-hearted, but I would do it all over again. Working at Nature has been everything I wished for and more. Every day, cutting-edge papers land on my desk. I interact with some of the world's best scientists. I am an editor and writer, yet still in the thick of research. It's a massive responsibility, but an immense privilege.

Now a new opportunity has arisen. Next year, I will be in San Francisco, helping to launch a new journal under the Nature umbrella. I can't wait. And in the midst of all this, I found the love of my life. San Francisco will be a new chapter for both of us. They say that life is full of surprises, and they are right. My advice to graduate students looking for direction: act on crazy ideas, never give in, and go with the flow. Something will come up.