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Northern England: Rising star


The North West region is now one of the UK's top biotechnology clusters and the fastest growing, having expanded by some 70 per cent in the last two years. Based on industry standard figures, the cluster core represents nearly £1billion contribution to GDP, an annual turnover of some £2billion and just under…read more

Cels (Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences)

The North East of England is changing - the coal miners and ship workers who built such a great industry after the second World War would hardly recognise the place. Newcastle Upon Tyne is a fun city with a capital 'F'. The old Quayside has been transformed into a cosmopolitan centre that makes … read more

Bioscience Yorkshire

The biosciences community within the UK's Yorkshire and Humber region, already one of the most dynamic in the UK, is projected to grow by some 10 per cent over the next five years. Built on a foundation of world-leading academic strengths within the region's nine universities … read more