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Corrigendum: Peptide-MHC potency governs dynamic interactions between T cells and dendritic cells in lymph nodes

Nature Immunology volume 8, page 1266 (2007) | Download Citation

Nat. Immunol. 8, 835–844 (2007); published online 15 July 2007; corrected after print 19 October 2007

In the version of this article initially published, the legends for Figures 1 and 5 are incorrect. The correct phrasing should be, for Figure 1a, “...injection of α-DEC-MCC, α-DEC-APL constructs, α-DEC-ovalbumin (α-DEC-OVA), α-DEC-205 plus isotype-MCC (α-DEC + iso-MCC) or PBS...”; for Figure 1b,c, “...injection of α-DEC-MCC, α-DEC-APL constructs, α-DEC-ovalbumin, α-DEC-205 plus isotype-MCC or PBS...”; and for Figure 5, “...mice were injected with α-DEC-APL constructs and then, 5 h later, with Fluo-4 AM– and CMRA-colabeled AND T cells” on line 2, and “Frequency of AND T cells with 'sustained' Ca2+ increase in mice treated...” on line 3. The errors have been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

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