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Erratum: Activated TCRs remain marked for internalization after dissociation from pMHC

Nature Immunology 3, 926–931 (2002).

The second sentence of the legend to Fig. 4 contained an error. This sentence should read: “Each point represents the indicated TCR-pMHC pair: 1, V98D-Kb-VSV; 2, V98L-Kb-VSV; 3, N30.7-KbA158T-VSV; 4, G99A-KbA158T-VSV; 5, G97/99A-KbA158T-VSV; 6, G97A-KbA158T-VSV; 7, N30.7-Kb-VSV; 8, G97A-Kb-VSV; 9, G97/99A-Kb-VSV; 10, G99A-Kb-VSV.”

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