Retraction | Published:

Retraction: Interleukin 17 acts in synergy with B cell–activating factor to influence B cell biology and the pathophysiology of systemic lupus erythematosus

Nature Immunology volume 15, page 894 (2014) | Download Citation

Nat. Immunol. 10, 778–785 (2009); published online 31 May 2009; retracted 12 July 2013

Despite many attempts to replicate these results, the authors have been unable to confirm the original data showing that IL-17 alone or in combination with B cell–activating factor controls the survival of human B cells (Fig. 1a,b). Because this weakens the conclusions of the paper, all the authors (except A.D. and P.T., who could not be contacted) now retract this paper.

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