Supplementary Figure 3 : Generation of Ifih1R knock-in mice.

From: The A946T variant of the RNA sensor IFIH1 mediates an interferon program that limits viral infection but increases the risk for autoimmunity

Supplementary Figure 3

(a) Strategy for generating the Ifih1R knock-in mice with introduction of point mutation within exon 15 of Ifih1 designed to introduce the risk variant allele. Also shown are location of neomycin cassette with flanking FRT sites and the location of LoxP sites introduced in order to permit future generation of lineage-specific Ifih1deletion via intercrossing with Cre-expressing strains. (b) DNA sequencing reaction showing the Ifih1 coding change from GCA (Ala) to ACA (Thr) in homologous knock-in (Ifih1R/R) mice. (c) Quantitative RT-PCR to assess Ifih1 mRNA expression. Ct values were normalized to Hprt. (d) Splenocytes were isolated from 2-12 month old animals of the indicated genotypes. Fold increase relative to the average WT values for each experiment is displayed. Each dot represents an individual animal. Error bars represent ± SEM and significance was assessed using one-way ANOVA (c) or Kruskal-Wallis test (d).