Supplementary Figure 1 : eTreg cells are a transcriptionally distinct Treg cell population.

From: The transcriptional regulators IRF4, BATF and IL-33 orchestrate development and maintenance of adipose tissue–resident regulatory T cells

Supplementary Figure 1

(a) Gating strategy used to purify Blimp1- cTreg cells (blue gate) and Blimp1+ eTreg cell (red gate) from pooled spleen and lymph nodes (LNs) of Blimp1GFP mice. Representative of 6 experiments. (b) Heat map showing top 100 differentially expressed genes between cTreg cells and eTreg cells determined using likelihood ratio test. (c) RNAseq tracks showing the expression of Foxp3 in cTreg and eTreg cells. (d) Heat maps showing expression of transcriptional regulators (left) and genes related to migration and adhesion (right) that are differentially expressed between cTreg cells and eTreg cells. RNAseq for the indicated Treg cell populations performed in triplicate.