Supplementary Figure 8 : IL-33 treatment increases Treg cell numbers and improves metabolic parameters in NZO and HFD mice.

From: The transcriptional regulators IRF4, BATF and IL-33 orchestrate development and maintenance of adipose tissue–resident regulatory T cells

Supplementary Figure 8

(a) Weight of VAT isolated from NZO and HFD mice treated with PBS or IL-33. Values are mean from 4 and 5 mice per group. (b) Hematoxylin and eosin staining of VAT sections. Numbers of adipocytes per field and adipocyte sizes from PBS and IL-33 treated NZO (upper panels) and HFD mice (lower panels) as indicated. Values are means ± S.E.M. of three sections each from 4-5 mice analyzed. (c) HOMA-IR calculated from PBS or IL-33 treated NZO and HFD mice as indicated. (d) Immunoblot showing Akt phosphorylation in VAT of PBS and IL-33 treated NZO or HFD mice after intravenous insulin injection. Representative of three experimets. (e) Analysis of ST2 expression on human Treg cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells or omental fat as indicated; representative of three samples. * P<0.01 (a); ***P=0.0001 (b); ****P<0.0001 (b).