Supplementary Figure 7 : IL-33 administration can rescue VAT-Treg defects in genetically obese and HFD mice.

From: The transcriptional regulators IRF4, BATF and IL-33 orchestrate development and maintenance of adipose tissue–resident regulatory T cells

Supplementary Figure 7

(a) Percentages of VAT and spleen Treg cells within the CD4+ compartments of C57BL/6 and NZO mice. Values are mean ± S.D. from 5 mice of each genotype. (b) Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test (GTT) for NZO mice treated with PBS and IL-33. (c) Area under curve (AUC) for GTT performed on HFD and NZO mice as indicated. Values are mean from 4 and 5 mice per group. (d) Proportion of CD8+ T cells and VAT macrophages in the VAT of NZO mice treated with PBS or IL-33 as indicated. (e) Representative flow cytometric analysis of HFD mice. Plots show VAT macrophages (TCRβ-, CD11b+, F4/80+ and CD11c+) and pro-inflammatory monocytes (TCRβ-, CD11b+ Ly6C+). Numbers in boxes indicate percentages of cells. (f) Expression of Ccl2 (Mcp1), Ccl3 (Mip1α), Ccl5 (RANTES) and Il1β in the VAT of HFD and NZO mice treated with PBS or IL-33 analyzed by qPCR. Values are means ± S.D. For the GTT experiments in (b) a two way ANOVA test was performed (P<0.0001) and error bars denote S.E.M. P values for other graphs *P<0.05; **P=0.002; NS – not significant (unpaired, two tailed t-test).