Supplementary Figure 5 : IL-33 signaling through MyD88 is required for VAT-Treg cell differentiation.

From: The transcriptional regulators IRF4, BATF and IL-33 orchestrate development and maintenance of adipose tissue–resident regulatory T cells

Supplementary Figure 5

(a-b) Proportion of Treg cells in selected lymphoid (a) and non-lymphoid (b) organs of wild-type (WT) and Myd88–/– mice. LPL - lamina propria lymphocytes of the small intestine. (c) Flow cytometric analysis of Treg cells from the lymph nodes (LN) of wild-type and Myd88–/– mice assessed for eTreg cell markers ICOS and KLRG1 (left), frequency of KLRG1+ cells of lymph node Treg cells from WT and Myd88–/–mice (right). Numbers indicate percentages of cells. (d) VAT weight from WT and Myd88–/– mice. (e) Treg cells enriched from spleens of wild-type (WT) mice and cultured in the presence of plate bound CD3 and soluble CD28 antibodies, and cytokines for 3 days. Expression of ST2 and Foxp3 is shown in the flow cytometric plots. (f) Treg cells enriched from spleen of WT and Myd88–/– mice, CTV labeled and cultured as in (e). Expression of ST2 (dot plots, left) and proliferation measured by CTV dilution. Values in (a-d) are means ± S.D. from 8-9 mice. **P=0.003; NS – Not significant (unpaired, two tailed t-test).