Supplementary Figure 3 : IL-33 is specifically required for VAT-Treg cells but dispensable for other Treg cell populations.

From: The transcriptional regulators IRF4, BATF and IL-33 orchestrate development and maintenance of adipose tissue–resident regulatory T cells

Supplementary Figure 3

(a-c) Treg proportions and phenotype in selected lymphoid (a-b) and non-lymphoid (c) organs of wild-type (WT) and Il1rl1–/– mice as indicated. Values are mean ± S.D. of 9 individual mice from 3 experiments. LPL - Lamina propria lymphocytes of the small intestine. (d) Treg cell proportions in WT and Il33–/– mice and expression of KLRG1 in WT and Il33–/– Treg cells. Values are mean ± S.D. of 5 individual mice from two experiments. Numbers indicate percentages of cells. (e) Weight of VAT from 35-week old Il1rl1–/–, Il33–/– and WT mice. Values are mean ± S.D. from 8 individual mice from 3 experiments. (f-g) Glucose tolerance tests for Il1rl1–/– (f), Il33–/– (g) and corresponding WT control mice. The graphs are representative of at least two independent experiments with 3-5 mice per experiment. Two-way ANOVA test (P<0.0001), error bars denote S.E.M. (h) HOMA-IR calculated for Il33–/– and WT mice. (i) Flow cytometric analysis of adipose tissue from Il33–/– and WT mice. Graphs show VAT macrophages (TCRβ-, CD11b+, F4/80+ and CD11c+), pro-inflammatory monocytes (TCRβ-, CD11b+ Ly6C+) and CD8+ T cells. Panels representative of more than 5 mice analyzed in two independent experiments. (j) Serum leptin levels in Il33–/– mice. Values are mean ± S.D. *P<0.04; NS – not significant (unpaired, two tailed t-test).