Supplementary Figure 2 : DCAR-1 acts in an epidermis-specific and cell-autonomous manner to regulate the induction of nlp-29 AMP gene.

From: Activation of a G protein–coupled receptor by its endogenous ligand triggers the innate immune response of Caenorhabditis elegans

Supplementary Figure 2

a, Normalized fluorescence ratio of wild type worms carrying frIs7 treated with RNAi against control (sta-1, gfp, sta-2) or candidate genes (osm-9 and ocr-2) and infected or not. b, Normalized fluorescence ratio of worms carrying frIs7 in rde-1(ne219);col-19p::rde-1 worms that are resistant to RNAi except in the adult epidermis treated with RNAi against control genes (sta-1, gfp, sta-2) or dcar-1 and infected or not. The results are representative of at least three independent experiments with a minimum of 50 worms for each condition.