Supplementary Figure 1 : The GPCR DCAR-1 controls AMP gene expression following fungal infection and wounding.

From: Activation of a G protein–coupled receptor by its endogenous ligand triggers the innate immune response of Caenorhabditis elegans

Supplementary Figure 1

Normalized fluorescence ratio in wild type and dcar-1(tm2484) worms carrying the integrated array frIs7 (which contains the reporter transgenes nlp-29p::gfp and col-12p::DsRed) after infection by D. coniospora (left panel), wounding (middle left panel) and osmotic stress (middle right panel), and in wild type and dcar-1(tm2484) worms that in addition to frIs7 carry frIs30, an integrated transgene that encodes a constitutively active form of GPA-12 (GPA-12*; right panel). In all cases, the results are representative of at least three independent experiments with a minimum of 50 worms for each condition.