Lack of support for association between the KIF1B rs10492972[C] variant and multiple sclerosis

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Figure 1: Odds ratio for the rs10492972[C] allele.


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D.R.B., R.N.H., G.J.S., M.C., R.J.S., J.L.-S., A.G., R.D., B.D., J.S., V.L., L.P., T.P., I.C.-R., B.F., L.B., S.D., M.L., A.R.L., E.G.C., H.F.H., A.S., J.L., I.K., T.O., J.H., M.B., A.B., A.K., S.S., A.C., N.P.R., P.L.D., D.A.H., L.F.B., A.J.I., J.L.M., M.A.P.-V., J.R.O., S.L.H., D.S. and J.H. designed the study, coordinated sample and data handling and contributed to the manuscript. M.C., A.G., R.D., V.L., I.C.-R., L.B., A.R.L., J.L. and A.B. performed the genotyping. M.B. and S.S. performed the statistical analysis.

Correspondence to Maria Ban.

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