Correction: Mutations in the human α-tectorin gene cause autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing impairment

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    Kristien Verhoeven et al. Nature Genet. 19, 60–62 (1998).

    The nucleotide numbering of the mouse gene was used for the human DFNA12 and DFNA8 mutations. Because this numbering includes the 266-bp 5´ untranslated region of the gene encoding mouse α-tectorin, the numbering is off by 266 bp. Therefore, 5725C→T should be replaced by 5459C→T, 5738G→A by 5472G→A and 5876A→G by 5610A→G. Because the numbering of amino acids was correct, this does not affect the conclusions drawn.

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    The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/ng0598-60

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