Nat. Genet, 41, 277–279 (2009), published online 1 February 2009; corrected after print 24 March 2009

In the version of this article initially published, one sentence in the abstract and two sentences in the final paragraph of the paper were in error and have been modified.

The final sentence in the abstract should read:

Increased axon integrity observed in Lingo1 mouse knockout models highlights the potential role of LINGO1 in the pathophysiology of ET.

The final three sentences of the paper should read:

Axonal swellings of Purkinje cells are considered to be one of the pathological findings in essential tremor6. Increased axon integrity observed in LINGO1 mouse knockout models 16 highlights the potential role of LINGO1 in the pathophysiology of ET and opens up a new field in the research into essential tremor. It is our hope that LINGO1 will point the way to new treatments for severe cases of the disease.

Finally, one reference has been added:

16. Mi, S. et al. Nat. Med. 13, 1228–1233 (2007).

These errors have been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

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