Table 2: Detailed comparison of GO categories with transporter activity or receptor binding or activity between T. parvula and A. thaliana

From: The genome of the extremophile crucifer Thellungiella parvula

GO annotationATTP
Total number of genes annotated as transportersa1,2191,408
Amino acid transporters6580
Anion transporters4464
Cytochrome proteins2319
Fatty acid, lipid, lipoprotein and glycolipid transporters4144
K+, Na+ ion transporters93104
Mitochondrial carrier protein7393
Nucleoside and nucleotide transporters64b90b
Oligopeptide transporters7179
Other cation (Zn2+, Fe2+, Ca2+, Mn+, Cu, Ni, Mo, Cd and NH4+) transporters104b195b
Other transporters295327
Phosphate transporters1518
Sugar transporters120b174b
Transporter, ABC superfamily113126
Total number of genes annotated as receptor binding or activitya232201
Blue light receptors49
Cytokinin receptors34
Disease resistance-related101b67b
ER lumen protein retaining receptor610
Other receptors6664
Receptor kinases3754
Red and far-red receptors44
  1. aThe total number of genes annotated as transporters or receptor binding or activity is not the sum of annotated genes in each subcategory. Some of the genes have multiple functions and are involved in multiple classes.
  2. bSubcategories showing significant differences (based on χ2 tests, see Online Methods). The P values of individual categories are: ATPases, P = 0.098; nucleoside and nucleotide transporters, P = 0.091; other cation transporters, P = 0.0001; sugar transporters, P = 0.0095; and disease resistance-related, P = 0.0022.